Does the Holy Spirit have a sense of humour? Year C Week 14

Does the Holy Spirit have a sense of humour?

Consider ………This week the census data was received with great glee by certain sectors of the media.  Religion at last is finished as a defining presence in Australia.  The implication?  God is finished!

Consider……….The second and presumably the final session of the Plenary Council commences in Sydney this Sunday evening.

Consider ………The implications of sending the 72 out in pairs, with the explicit command to greet people with the words “Peace to this House” . [Luke: 10]

In setting the date for this final session, I’ll guess no-one in the planning department anticipated the census data being released, let alone looked at the readings for this particular Sunday.  School holidays might have been a prime consideration.

Who knows? But maybe, just MAYBE the Holy Spirit knew!

Luke in recent weeks has given us three accounts of what we may now call in the broad sense “Synodality”.

  • The Twelve were sent to preach and heal without Jesus
  • Messengers were sent to prepare hospitality for Jesus in a hostile place – Samaria
  • The 72 combine both functions : preaching and healing in preparation for Jesus’s arrival

Other readings today emphasise. Rejoicing. Gladness. Delight.

Paul reminds us that we can (and indeed do) boast about the knowledge of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Indeed a mouthful!

Speculatively …..the Holy Spirit may have brought all this together.  It is after all, our duty to read the signs of the times.

Let us pray today that the Plenary Council will be good for Australia .….Religion is meant to enhance goodness in society.

Let us pray that the Plenary Council will enhance the role of the 72 .…….72 are waiting to be called and sent.

Let us pray that the Plenary Council will be productive and enable us to………“cry out with Joy to God all the Earth”. [Psalm 65:1]

Mons Frank

PS. Thanks to all who have sent messages on the occasion of my Diamond Jubilee as a Priest this week and the award of the OAM.

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